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Coming Out

I'm an older transgender struggling with loneliness

Dear Rose, After many difficult years, I have recently come out as a trans woman, and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable in my body. Being a person over 60, I’m struggling with isolation and loneliness. Where can I get some help? Tiffany

Coming Out

I'm Bi, should I come out of the closet?

Dear Rose, I’m a bi woman in a long-term heterosexual relationship. I’m out to my partner, but I’ve never actually been with another girl. I’ve recently started thinking about women again, but I’m worried that after three kids and not having talked about it for over 15+ years, it seems silly to bring it up again. Should I come out of the closet? Your thoughts. Kim

Relationships Question

Country bloke dating a city guy!

Dear Rose, I’m a country bloke, and I’ve recently started dating a city guy, and I want to introduce him to my family. They’re not openly homophobic but often very insensitive. Do you have any advice on handling this? Joey

Sexuality Question

I recently discovered I am bisexual

Dear Rose, I’m in my early 20s and recently discovered I am bisexual. Do you think this merits coming out? Lisa

Relationships Question

My boyfriend keeps asking me to move in

Dear Rose, My boyfriend keeps asking me to move in. I don’t want to, as things are great as they are. Do you think that’s OK? SJ

Sex Question

My boyfriend is particularly blessed

My BF is particularly blessed. He wants our sex life to move to the next level, but every time things get happening, I chicken out, and I find myself disappointing him. What can I do? Ben

Relationship Question

My girlfriend prefers sleeping alone

Dear Rose, I recently moved in with my girlfriend, but after only a month, she has told me she prefers sleeping alone. What should I do? LJ

Relationship Question

My girlfriend is is drinking in excess

Dear Rose, I think my GF is drinking in excess. She thinks I’m a killjoy, but I’m worried she won’t listen to me. Lee-Anne

Dating Question

I met this guy online from South Africa

Dear Rose, During COVID lockdown I met this guy online from South Africa — he’s wonderful, and we’re in love. He recently asked for some money so he can come to Australia. We chat every night, and he seems genuine. Do you think I should be worried? Jay

Relationship Question

Dating an older guy

Dear Rose, I’m 23, and I’m in a relationship with a guy in his 50s. I want to introduce him to my parents, but I’m pretty sure they will totally flip out. What should I do? Nick

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