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Was famous bushranger Captain Moonlite gay?

So, was the famous Australian bushranger Captain Moonlite definitely gay? A historian explains why it’s much more complicated.


Qwire Many Voices All in Harmony

Canberra Qwire turns 30. The Qwire story began in 1993 when a small group met in a suburban garage filled with tools, gardening supplies and a whole lot of musical promise.


Trans life in Australia from the 1940s to 1970s

Before the 1970s, there were no trans organisations or publicly advertised gender clinics. But camp cultures brought together a variety of sexually- and gender-diverse people.


Transgender people aren’t new, and neither is their oppression

A history of gender crossing in 19th-century Australia. WARNING is article contains references to anti-trans, colonial and institutional violence.


The keepers of a rich LGBTIQ history

Older lesbians are not an invisible artifact of the times, but rather the keepers of a rich history of the lives of women who love other women. We have found that there is a struggle for our stories to be heard. As many of us age, we risk losing this rich history. But lesbian oral history archival projects — like ours — are helping counteract this.

LGBTIQ History

The Secret Gay Life of Hollywood

Hollywood has a history where it welcomes LGBTIQ+ people but behind the scenes, it has not always been the case. This is the Secret Gay Life of Hollywood.


The history of masturbation

The word masturbation first appeared in the 18th century and to give you an idea of how it was considered at those times, it should suffice to tell you that the etymology of the word comes from Latin masturbari or rape with a hand. Its history, however starts at the beginning of times.


Gay Love letters #4

The following heart-rending love letter was written by American World War II veteran Brian Keith to in 1943 his lover Dave.


Quentin Crisp pioneer of the gay movement

A notoriously, obviously effeminate homosexual, Quentin Crisp saw his mission in life to make the invisible and hidden visible, to make people realise that homosexuals existed.

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