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Germany passes new progressive transgender laws

Germany has approved a law aimed at simplifying the process for transgender individuals to change their legal gender identities.


More arrests. A new era of repression in Russia

A Russian court has ordered two gay men to be placed in custody, accusing them of roles in an “extremist organisation”, under new legislation criminalising the LGBTQ+ community.


Trump Endorses Pastor with Extremist Views for US Congress

Former US President Donald Trump has endorsed Mark Burns, the pastor that has previously called for the execution of LGBTQ+ "indoctrinators."


Greece Legalises Same-Sex Marriage

Greece has become the first Orthodox Christian country to legalise same-sex civil marriage, despite church and religious conservative opposition.


Russia's crackdown on queer folk continues

Russia's Supreme Court has ruled that LGBTIQ+ activists should be designated as "extremists". The courts have convicted individuals for displaying LGBTIQ material in public, including pride flags on social media and wearing rainbow earrings in public.


Iran is trying to eradicate queer people

Death or surgery? Thousands of queer Iranians are being forced to undergo gender reassignment every year. And many of them are children.

WORLD embraces gender-neutral terms embraces gender-neutral terms like 'they,' as well as hundreds of new words.


US Pastor smashes ‘EVIL’ Barbie House!

US Pastor smashes ‘EVIL’ Barbie House with Bible taped to baseball bat!


Born This Way, Yes You Are:-)

Lady Gaga Sings 'Born This Way' in Las Vegas for transgender rights. At her Jazz residency Gaga played one of her classic songs, but added a new dedication to it, making it even more powerful.

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