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Circus | 22-24 Aug

Cirque Bon Bon will set you alight!

Contortionists, acrobats and dancers will present an extravaganza of light, acrobatics, dance and comedy is bound to have the audience on their feet screaming for more!

Theatre | 18–20 July

44 Sex Acts In One Week

Orgies, BDSM and smacking fruit: the ‘smutty’ play recreating 44 Sex Acts in One Week


Betty Grumble’s ‘Enemies of Grooviness Eat Sh!t

Grumble does not belong to me, she belongs to the universe. Like the fractal landscape of a flower, like a drag face on the bum of a caterpillar.

Theatre | 14 - 25 Aug

Every Brilliant Thing

Sometimes the little things can create something big and beautiful. A young boy attempts to bring his mother out of depression by making her a list of every brilliant thing in the world.

Theatre | 5-10 Aug

🏳️‍🌈 Trophy Boys

Theatre lovers should rush to see Trophy Boys, the hilarious and devastating debut play from Emmanuelle Mattana.

CBR Theatre | JUL-SEP


Valence is an electrifying performance series that will ignite the senses and challenge perceptions.


The Inheritance

Matthew Lopez’s epic play, The Inheritance, reimagines E.M. Forster’s Howards End as a contemporary portrait of New York’s gay community.

THEATRE | 2024

Fourteen 2024 Australian Tour!

The year is 1999 and Shannon has a secret. Shannon Molloy is a year 9 student at an all-boys rugby-mad Catholic school in regional Queensland, with a secret that no one can ever find out. Shannon is gay.

DANCE | 18 - 20 July

Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Horizon

There is a place between sea and sky—a sacred realm, where the sun rises and falls, and the light is new.

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