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Relationship Question

Dating an older guy

Dear Rose, I’m 23, and I’m in a relationship with a guy in his 50s. I want to introduce him to my parents, but I’m pretty sure they will totally flip out. What should I do? Nick

Relationship Question

I think my partner is sleeping around

Dear Rose, I’m concerned that my partner of over ten years is sleeping with somebody else. I have no evidence, but things just seem wrong to me. If I say something and I’m wrong, it could destroy our relationship. What should I do? KT

Relationship Question

My girlfriend and I are having a baby

Dear Rose, My girlfriend and I are having a baby. We are concerned that after the father initially said he did not want involvement, that now he does. Do we have any legal standing to stop him seeing the baby once it’s born? Kim

Sexuality Question

Guys pressuring me to take PrEP

Dear Rose, I’m a 24-year-old guy, and I decided some time ago that PrEP was not for me. Unfortunately, I currently find myself experiencing a lot of peer pressure and knockbacks online from other guys who don’t want to use condoms. I’m not sure what to do as it seems I’m missing a lot of opportunities. JT

Relationship Question

My boyfriend is moving to another state for work

Dear Rose, My BF is moving to another state for work. I can’t follow. Do you think a long-distance relationship can work? Sam

Safety Question

Abusive notes on my door

Dear Rose, I recently moved into a new house. After being here only a month, someone in my neighbourhood has started leaving abusive notes on my door. I’m not sure what to do as it seems the police can’t really do anything about it. Worried

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