Another Chillout Festival is about to hit the streets

Four days of performances, music, theatre, drag, community events, and local food and wine over the Labour Day long weekend in the LGBTQIA+ capital of regional Victoria.
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Chillout Festival Daylesford Victoria

From humble beginnings in 1997, ChillOut Festival has grown to become Australia’s largest and most popular LGBTIQ+ country pride festivals.

Gear up for yet another fabulous celebration of pride as the ChillOut Festival returns to Daylesford in 2024, promising two weeks of vibrant and fun festivities, treating locals and visitors alike to a spectacular showcase of diversity and inclusivity.

This year’s theme, “Boots and Bling,” sets the stage for a celebration like no other in Australia's queer country capital!

ChillOut is an annual LGBTIQ+ pride festival that has become a hallmark of Daylesford’s cultural calendar, the festival has evolved into one of the longest-running and most beloved queer country festivals globally.

The festival’s primary aim is to create a safe space for individuals from all walks of life to come together and celebrate their diversity. It provides a platform for straight allies to express their support for equality by actively participating in and endorsing the festival.

ChillOut Festival is one of the longest running and best loved LGBTIQ country festivals in the world.

Street Parade and Carnivale

The ChillOut Street Parade remains a highlight of the festival, attracting thousands of spectators to the streets of Daylesford each year. This vibrant procession showcases the rich tapestry of LGBTIQ communities in Daylesford and the surrounding areas. Floats, marching groups, and lively performances contribute to a colorful spectacle that captivates onlookers.

Get ready for a day of community, laughter, singing, and pure joy at Carnivale, a highlight of the ChillOut Festival. Hosted by the charismatic trio of Nate Byrne, Courtney Act, and Narelda Jacobs, this vibrant event promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Featuring an impressive lineup of talent, Carnivale will showcase the incredible performances of Kween Kong, Katie Underwood, Sexy Galexy, DJ du Jour, DJ Eddie, Shauna Jensen, The Lost Girls, Bek Jensen duo, Dolly Diamond, and more. Each artist brings their unique flair to the stage, creating an atmosphere of celebration and inclusivity.

The festivities will reach a crescendo with a closing performance by the sensational Courtney Act, ensuring that the day concludes on a high note of entertainment and energy.

And that’s not all! Don’t miss the “Petstock Chillout Dog Show,” adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the festivities. Bring your furry friends along for a day filled with music, laughter, and even a showcase of adorable and talented dogs.

Join Carnivale for a day of community spirit, entertainment, and shared joy as we celebrate diversity and inclusion. With this stellar lineup of performers and the added charm of the “Petstock Chillout Dog Show,” Carnivale is set to be a highlight of ChillOut Festival 2024.

Festival Venues

Get ready to immerse yourself in the glitter and glamour of ChillOut Festival as it unfolds over three sensational days in Daylesford.

The festival, known for its cheeky and inclusive vibe, offers a diverse array of events spread across various venues. Whether you’re a one-venue wonder or ready to conquer every party in town, ChillOut has something for everyone.

From dance-offs and lip-sync battles to drag shows that redefine fabulous, the festival promises a non-stop celebration of queer culture. With events happening day and night, participants are encouraged to keep their fabulous selves on their feet, whether dancing to infectious beats, engaging in thought-provoking discussions, or simply soaking in the lively atmosphere.

ChillOut Festival invites you to prance, dance, and let loose, turning every moment into a vibrant and unforgettable experience.

For a comprehensive overview of the glittery goodness, head to the official website – your treasure map to the queerest and most fabulous moments of your life. So, tighten those corsets, fluff up those wigs, and get ready to unleash your inner glam at ChillOut Festival 2024! 🌈✨

ChillOut Festival Program

Victoria Park, Ballan-Daylesford Road, Daylesford, Victoria

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