Beware of the latest scams targeting travellers

Experts are urging travellers to stay vigilant against three specific types of scams that are costing Australians millions of dollars and causing them a great deal of heartache.
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Beware of the latest travel scams

As Australian tourists prepare to trade their chilly winter for the sunny climates of the US and Europe, a serious warning has been issued. Scammers want your hard erned money!

Stay vigilant against three specific types of scams.

• Fake accommodation or booking websites
• Ticket scams for major events
• Overcharging or incorrect billing scams

Chris Sheehan, NAB Executive Group Investigations, underlined the prevalence of these scams.

"Just as you plan for visas and check the weather at your destination, it's crucial to be aware of common scams in the countries you're visiting to recognise the red flags and protect yourself."

said Sheehan, a seasoned professional in this field and a former Australian Federal Police executive.

According to data from NAB Economics, a significant portion of Australians are currently saving for an overseas holiday. Whether they're booking tickets to support Australia at the Paris Olympics or planning a perfect getaway with family or friends, travellers should be cautious of "heightened emotions in an unfamiliar environment" that scammers might exploit.

Sheehan pointed out that urgency is a common tactic used in ticket and accommodation scams while overcharging or incorrect billing often relies on distraction and a lack of attention to detail.

"If you encounter any issues, contact your bank immediately. You can usually block and unblock your cards via your bank's app or internet banking with just a click"

Travellers are also encouraged to inform their banks of their travel plans so that any suspicious activity can be closely monitored while they are away.

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Stay safe, and enjoy your travels!

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