Shirts off guys

Fitness basics! Summer is coming and with it comes all the parties, festivities and trips to the beach — and we all know what that means... it’s shirts off guys... in fact, it usually means not wearing many clothes at all! So here's a few tips on how you can look your best!

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The history of masturbation

The anonymous author of the pamphlet Onania (1716) was very worried about masturbation.

The ‘shameful vice’, the ‘solitary act of pleasure’, was something too terrible to even be described. The writer agreed with those ‘who are of the opinion, that… it never ought to be spoken of, or hinted at, because the bare mentioning of it may be dangerous to some’. There was, however, little reticence in cataloguing ‘the frightful consequences of self-pollution’.

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Get a hot six pack

Uncover what lies beneath

Ensuring that you’re doing a combination of eating right with cardio exercise (where we are increasing the heart rate) and resistance training is the key to getting the results you want and that hot six pack!

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The Secret Gay Life of Hollywood

Flashback! The Hollywood film industry has always had a high percentage of gay and lesbian employees, drawn to the theatre as a world of creativity, open mindedness and experimentation.

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