Please Like Me Season 3

Australia, Release Date 14 January 2016

The award-winning 'dramedy' series returns for its third season. Josh is an astute twentysomething trying to make sense of his friends, family, and cast of intriguing characters including John the cavoodle.


In season three, new characters arrive, complications ensue, and a cast of extraordinary performers competes again for screen time with John the cavoodle. Josh and Tom acquire new housemates: some fluffy, innocent baby chickens. Josh is also trying to acquire a new boyfriend, the anxiety-ridden Arnold, but Arnold is struggling to commit.

The third season of this critically-acclaimed series see Josh (Josh Thomas) continuing to juggle the demands of his own life -- mainly latest hard-to-read love interest, Arnold -- with those of his friends and family, including a dad whose second marriage is falling apart, and a mother struggling with mental health issues.


Of course, star and series creator, comedian Josh Thomas, doesn't allow things to get too heavy in this season, even if there are some tears amid the laughs -- and even during! A favourite of Girls' star and creator, Lena Dunham, Please Like Me's third season continues Josh's whimsical misadventures which fans have come to love.


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