Midnight Shift in Sydney closes

High rents and falling patronage force many gay bars to close. After 35 years as one of Sydney’s best-known gay nightclubs, The Midnight Shift, shut its main doors for the last time, leaving only the smaller upstairs bar to open on weekends. In Melbourne, the beloved gay bar The Greyhound (or GH) has also been demolished.

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Why are gay and bisexual men dying from suicide

Gay and bisexual men are now four times more likely to attempt suicide in their lifetime than heterosexual men. Researchers now estimate that suicide kills more gay and bisexual men than AIDS. 

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Queeraz is coming to a device near you!

Last year I said “Stop the world — I want to get off”... and I got off in Canberra! I had lived in the capital as a teenager and like many of us growing up queer* in what felt like a giant country town, I fantasised about escaping it. A one-way ticket to the USA when I hit 18 was just what the doctor ordered.

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It's how big? What is a 'Normal' Penis Size?

Nomograms representing the range of "normal" penis size measurements across all ages and races may help alleviate anxiety about penis size among male patients and may also be useful for research purposes. In total, 17 studies with up to 15,521 males underwent penis size measurement by health professionals.

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Does having sex count as exercise?

Sex isn’t only a pleasurable experience the act also has health benefits that can be compared to those of exercise. In fact, the physiological response to sex is similar to that of exercise. Landmark studies in the 1960s showed people having sex had an increase in their respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure.

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OPED : The truth in lies of PrEP

Firstly I want to be totally frank and admit the obvious - PrEP is a  game changer for the MSM (Men who have sex with men) community. Its efficacy is unrivalled (when the daily Truvada regimen is adhered to) and the swathe of studies showing its potential to dramatically reduce and possibly eliminate new HIV infections...

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The history of masturbation

The anonymous author of the pamphlet Onania (1716) was very worried about masturbation. The ‘shameful vice’, the ‘solitary act of pleasure’, was something too terrible to even be described. The writer agreed with those ‘who are of the opinion, that… it never ought to be spoken of, or hinted at because the bare mentioning of it...

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Why you should visit Spain if you're gay

It might be a predominantly Catholic country, but Spain is officially the most LGBT-friendly nation in the world, according to the results of a poll by the Pew Research Centre. The study polled participants from 40 different countries on different topics and what is considered morally acceptable and unacceptable...

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